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Why Do You Need to Set Up Budgets for Localized Content?

Why Do You Need to Set Up Budgets for Localized Content?

If you are a global technology marketer, the matter of local content for non-English speaking nations is obviously a key area of discussion for your teams.

The general questions your teams grapple with are:

  • Do we actually need to develop content for native language?
  • Can’t we simply stick to content in English language?
  • Technology buyers, particularly those working in international business with MNCs, will be able to understand English, right?

Justifying localized language content is one of the most difficult discussions to have in the B2B technology marketing space. It is costly, can be highly challenging to execute, and often hard to match up with constantly evolving marketing strategies. However, it is necessary

The reason behind it?

Your prospects and clients are asking for it.

Global B2B tech marketers increasingly prefer vendors who can offer content in local language compared to the ones with English-only content. There are several reasons to consider about offering English-only content when the majority of your business occurs in German or French markets.

It is a fact that colleagues or superiors in the regional offices are highly unlikely to speak English. Thus, a right decision can only be made with documents/content in native language to cover all the implications. Notions in English – being new or new industry jargons – can often be confusing for the native audiences.

Particularly big vendors are becoming increasingly adamant about the necessity of content in localized language. Many vendors are rather small in size and cannot afford translations in native languages.

The consensus among B2B marketers is that although non-English professionals do grasp the language, the localized content is essential nonetheless. You cannot rely on the complete chain of those who require the content to be articulate in English and also you cannot rely on the accuracy of the translation of your English content.

As a global marketer, you want your regional teams to boost their ROI in their respective markets with highest efficiency. If you are not supporting them with content in local languages, you are only giving them access to part of the available demand in that market.

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Principal & Founder @ TechConnectr Bob creates ‘double-mitzvah’ win-wins in B2B lead generation by utilizing analytics and strategic relationships. He has a strong background in finance, marketing optimization, and sales enablement. Before founding TechConnectr, Bob co-founded Los Gatos-based NetLine Corporation, a leading digital B2B marketing solution provider, where he oversaw the execution of hundreds of performance marketing programs from a wide range of clients, including Dell, Salesforce, Marketo, Microsoft, and IBM. At QuinStreet and Ziff Davis/Salesify, Bob was responsible for creating and nurturing strategic relationships with a variety of best-in-class data and marketing solution providers. He utilizes his Big-Four accounting and Fortune-500 business acumen to create success for all parties.

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