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What are you Missing in Content Marketing?

What are you Missing in Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most interesting and effective marketing strategies in the B2B universe. While the B2B marketers have all the responsibility for creating and executing a strategy, there is one important aspect that is being missed.

Challenges in Content Marketing

There are 5 big challenges that B2B marketers face when it comes to content marketing:

  1. Developing Engaging Content
  2. Developing Content Consistently
  3. Measuring the Effectiveness of Produced Content
  4. Developing a Wide Range of Content
  5. Lack of Budget

All of the above challenges involve content development – specifically within the marketing preview. However, there is one more challenge that is crucial: How does content marketing affect and helps the sales team? Do we know how sales teams use the developed content?

Many companies do not have a defined strategy to involve and engage their sales teams in the content marketing planning. The next question that arises is: How will usable and valuable content targeted at customers and buyers be passed on to the sales team?

Majority of marketers measure their success by prioritizing website traffic and then sales. Sales should also be given equal importance, if not more. Sales teams should know how to use the content more effectively to close business.

Let’s look at some ideas that will help your sales team to engage more with content marketing and use it to improve conversations with customers and buyers. In the process of content creation, marketers need to think about the requirements of their leads. They also need to give some thought about how sales team can use the created content in the upcoming interactions with the prospects/customers. Thus there is a need to identify defined sets of content relevant to the sales team and deliver it to them in a more proactive and helpful manner.

The ideas listed below will certainly help you to scale up the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts:

  • Asset Profile
    Create a simple profile in every selected content asset that will outline the following points: core theme, target area (financial, business, technical), target audience (role, title), buying stage. This will make it clear for sales reps to connect relevant content to multiple clients they are dealing with.


  • Ask Engaging Questions
    You need to come up with 3 to 5 specific question to ask your prospects that will lead to the main topics of the content asset. These questions should engage customers and make them share their current state, their opinion, and the challenges they are facing. These questions must not be sales related. The aim (with the help of engaging conversations) is to create a great platform for customers. These questions should also reflect your value proposition.
  • Use Multiple Social Media Channels
    You also need to use multiple social media channels to push out content in conjunction with their traditional content distribution channels. Use platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with backlinks to their respective content resource. Another good style to use is to write an introduction highlighting pain points and provide links to the original content in a personalized email to the lead.
  • Program Your Content Marketing Strategy for Sales
    Such an approach of content marketing needs to be treated with the same verve as while dealing with a lead. It is a waste of time to shoot additional content each day and expect anyone to read, understand, or use it. Smart marketers will first involve a few key sales reps and get their opinions before sending the resource out to the teams.

In closing, you need to understand that content marketing is also for sales team. B2B marketers with strong internal structure to deliver content to their sales team in an easy and actionable manner are in commanding position than their rivals to achieve more profit, more revenue, and win more clients.

About The Author

Bob Samuels

Principal & Founder @ TechConnectr Bob creates ‘double-mitzvah’ win-wins in B2B lead generation by utilizing analytics and strategic relationships. He has a strong background in finance, marketing optimization, and sales enablement. Before founding TechConnectr, Bob co-founded Los Gatos-based NetLine Corporation, a leading digital B2B marketing solution provider, where he oversaw the execution of hundreds of performance marketing programs from a wide range of clients, including Dell, Salesforce, Marketo, Microsoft, and IBM. At QuinStreet and Ziff Davis/Salesify, Bob was responsible for creating and nurturing strategic relationships with a variety of best-in-class data and marketing solution providers. He utilizes his Big-Four accounting and Fortune-500 business acumen to create success for all parties.

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