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Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Marketing is the lifeline for any business, and huge amount of resources are dedicated to these activities for smooth operation. Many of these marketing activities are predictable and repetitive irrespective of the size of the operations. These activities may involve basic functions such as social media posts, organizing directory of contacts, managing content, and scheduling email messages. A response system and the capacity to track consumers’ activity as they flow down the marketing funnel are some of the operations that have been automated to create data sets that can be evaluated to quantify the overall impact of these marketing strategies.


The Ascend of Marketing Automation

The challenge with developing marketing campaigns and cultivating online brands is that they both need systematic and recurring activities. Postings on social media, uploading blogs and articles, sending out emails are all productive ways to generate interest. They are simply required to be repeated several times, for as many possible leads.

In the last few years, marketing automation has gained a celebrity status among B2B marketers. This is because it provides a path to organize key processes. You can write articles and schedule them for automated upload at peak traffic hours. It also becomes easy to send out mails and newsletters to masses and manage their correspondence.

With the help of marketing automation, marketers can now concentrate on the quality and value of their marketing efforts as the practical implementation of their strategies is administered in an unobtrusive and perpetual manner. This has also helped in scaling up profits as marketing automation has helped in saving precious time, which is then reinvested in distribution, finance, sales, recruitment processes, and inventory.

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Big B2B companies have been using marketing automation solution for some time now. However, its popularity among small business is in nascent stages. According to a Leadpages and Infusionsoft Small Business Marketing Trends Report, almost 47% of small businesses are still doing all the marketing activities by themselves.

With current innovative and advanced marketing solutions, this situation will change soon enough. As marketing automation becomes readily available and customized for small businesses, it is only a matter of time before these marketers comprehend the advantages having such tool at their helm.

SMEs is the fastest developing segment of marketing automation tool users, and this trend is constant across multiple industries.

Key Characteristics of Marketing Automation Tool for Small Businesses


1. Lead Generation:

Generating leads can be one of the hardest tasks for SMEs trying to create a consumer base. Marketing automation for these small businesses offers lead generation facility that substantially cuts down cost and time involved in the process of lead generation.

2. Lead Nurturing:

Moving your leads effortlessly down the sales funnel has never been an easy task for small businesses. With the help of marketing automation software, these marketers can considerably save the manual work and time required in the process. This also empowers them to passively progress leads down the funnel, while intervening only when the prospect is ready convert.

3. Reporting:

Reporting is not just for enterprises and big companies. Reporting is beneficial for businesses of all sizes as it helps in gaining critical insights about the efficiency of their marketing campaign. With detailed reports from some of the top marketing automation software providers for SMEs, you can have new information about where your best clients are coming from or how to scale up your conversion ratio among others

4. Email Automation:

Irrespective of the size of your business, email marketing is a highly efficient strategy. It is a particularly powerful tactic for small businesses that are just entering the B2B market and trying to establish themselves. Email automation can significantly cut down time on managing email marketing campaigns and that time can be reinvested in more productive ways.

5. Relationship Management:

Retaining customers is one of the major factors behind a successful business, particularly when you are new to the market and trying to create a customer base. With the right marketing automation software, you can have personalized relationship with each lead, making them feel recognized and wanted.

Top Vendors for Marketing Automation Tool for Small Businesses

  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • ActiveCampaign

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