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How To Provide Value With Your Social Proposition

How To Provide Value With Your Social Proposition

Most companie’s value proposals focus chiefly on either a service or product feature. However, while this seems reasonable, determining value can be tricky. Thinking from a buyers’ perspective, which value proposal would you select: the value offered by the product or the one experienced by the user? The answer might seem obvious, but usually it is not. At the end of the day, you have to communicate value to your target audiences in a manner that will really be outstanding and resonate with them. Now try looking at this dilemma through the lens of social media. It’s difficult to understand how to enhance a service/product focused value proposal on social media, as marketers usually do not ‘sell’ on social media. They simply use it as platform to educate, inform, influence, and broaden the customer interactions.

So let’s see how we can re-tune your value proposal. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Shift the spotlight from service/product to adjust with the buyer
  2. Develop easily communicable value content that is concise enough to be used on social media

By doing this, you may think that you are all set and have a great pitch. Do not rush yourself. This is obviously part of the strategy but is not everything. If you want to deliver a solid and consistent value message that can be utilized by both sales and marketing teams, and in every communication form, you need a value proposal statement. There are three building blocks which you can use in combination to create a good value proposal.

  • Objective statement for customer – your aims, challenges, issues, pain points
  • Your offer statement – your particular offer addressing the objective statement
  • Differentiator – one or two provable dissimilarities that address the objective statement.

As you can see, having a solid objective statement is very important. You can create social media posts, videos, podcasts, and tweets focusing on each of the above points. Along with that, signaling a suitable CTA will send the user to that respective piece of content, download, or webinar. In the next step, you need to create a strong credibility for your value proposal. You can do this by providing specific and concise value statements. Each of these statements can be easily promoted on social media by focusing on them individually with more content provided to deep dive. You can back this up with the help of:

  • Value drivers

    These are a bunch of keywords that capture the most significant value points from buyers’ point of view. In a way, they represent the areas a buyer might consider first while deciding about your offer. Your value drivers must come from your value proposal statement, or should easily blend with it.

  • Quantification

    This is about offering quantifiable data that supports the significance of each value driver. It can be in the form of stats, survey data, or research or customer results.

  • Trustworthy Third Party statements

    It is this final piece that supports the above points and serves as proof. It can be in the form of market analyst reports and ratings, customer testimonials and quotes, industry awards, or independent audit results.

The above points will help you determine how “social” is your current value proposal. A strong social value proposal will help you to be on the right track to drive maximum connection and engagement with your target audience.

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