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GDPR: Things You Need to Know and Choose The Right GDPR Partner

GDPR: Things You Need to Know and Choose The Right GDPR Partner

GDPR implementation is scheduled for May 2018 and unsurprisingly mail inboxes are being flooded with messages trying to capitalize on the upcoming uncertainties. Even though GDPR will herald huge changes, the reality for B2B marketers is not even close to the marketing apocalypse these mails might suggest.

Having said that, it is vital for a B2B marketer to associate with GDPR consultants who is aware of the changing regulatory environment and is fully functional to tackle the same.

Things you need to Know about GDPR

Before we tell you how to choose the right consultant to help you tackle GDPR changes, let’s take a glance at some of the important points about GDPR:

  • GDPR needs you to have a legal basis to process personal data, which involves contact information and corporate email address. Consent of the user is one legal basis, and it is surely the most cautious approach.
  • GDPR will warrant accountability to the user whose data is being processed – such as the understanding of how their information is processed, right to object to automatic decision-making, freedom of data portability, and right to be forgotten.
  • The companies that process such information will also be held accountable in terms of their infrastructure and internal processes.
  • Depending upon the in-progress review and the legal procedure of the EU Commission’s ePrivacy Directive, there is a chance that B2B marketers will have lenient set of requirement than the customer-centric marketers.

GDPR – How to Choose The Right GDPR Consultant:

Here are 4 things that you should look for in your GDPR consultant:

1. Legal Prowess:

First and foremost, GDPR is legislation. If you are trying to understand how the new legislation will affect your business, you will need a legal expert. Look for GDPR consultants who possess deep experience and knowledge of case law and data protection legislation. They should also have expertise on the Data Protection Act 1998 as well.

2. Long Term Vision:

GDPR is going to bring liabilities and obligations, similar to safety and health or anti-money laundering regulations. Your GDPR advisor should be trustworthy enough so that you can depend on them in the future instead of just some short-term solutions.

3. Expertise on Data Breach Crisis Management:

In case of any data breach from your side, you will face an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office. A good GDPR consultant should be able to defend and represent your business for you. They should have worked closely with your company and assisted in implementing GDPR compliance. This will put them in a strong position to launch your defense.

4. Be Careful of any Hidden Agendas:

Don’t just blindly follow anyone who says they are ‘GDPR experts’. With the deadline for compliance closing in, such expertise has become a sales tool. It is possible in most cases to achieve GDPR compliance whilst operating with the existing framework of your company. The perfect GDPR partner comes from a background of data protection and is able to operate with existing processes and technology and should offer unbiased suggestions when required.

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