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Different Ways AI Can Affect CRM

Different Ways AI Can Affect CRM

It has become extremely vital to raise the standards of customer service as they resort to multiple channels to do more research on products and services, raise complaints, or ask questions. As companies are striving to stay on top of their domains, they have put customer care, satisfaction, and loyalty on top priority and for this CRM has to integrate human efforts and offer efficient and speedy solutions.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways AI can complement your CRM and will help in augmenting and optimizing your business operations:

1. Have a Virtual Assistant

Embedding AI with CRM will create virtual assistant for marketers, making them more productive. This virtual assistant can set up automated responses, data capture tasks, emails, and follow-ups.

These intelligent systems will have access to consumer data such as demographics and web behavior among others and with integration of AI, they will be able to learn and conduct sales interactions. These smart assistants might even generate quotes, send out and respond to email or schedule appointments with clients.

Service agents and sales reps will be more productive and smarter as they will be in better position to evaluate data, have instant access to service history, policies, account information of customer, and inventory. This will also allow them to the chalk out the next course of action to best enhance customer experience.

2. Training the Team

AI embedded CRM can assist in designing road maps for lead generation and deals, help create next tactical course of action and make sure that processes are followed up correctly – right from prospecting to deal closure.

Such smart software can become a highly valued asset to the sales teams, enhancing their productivity, reducing time on mundane and monotonous activities, and helping them to concentrate more on things that matter most – building strong relationships with customers.


3. Customer Care and Customer Retention

AI will act as a dedicated employee who helps you gain critical insights from huge data sets and also helps to develop detailed target profiles. With such detailed profiles, sales reps can personalize interactions and be much more effective. This will also help in achieving better customer satisfaction and thus, customer retention.


4. Highlighting hot leads, enhanced segmentation, and personalization of leads

Smart algorithms are on course to take over tasks like categorize audience in terms of location, gender, web behavior, and purchase history patterns to qualify leads. Using these insights, CRM systems will be able to develop more personalized messages that will echo best with consumers and will also be able to establish right timing and channel to deliver a highly targeted campaign.


5. Automate Regular Activities

AI can assist you in programing mundane, monotonous, and time-consuming activities. It can handle activities such as updating forecasts, data input and retrieval, and setting up calling lists. As CRM software learns more about consumer preferences and their behavioral patterns, they will be able to suggest and deploy new activities and processes on your behalf. Sales reps will have easy access to customer information and thus will be able to spend more time on developing strong relationships and closing deals.

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