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Designing Highly Functional Marketing Campaigns through Micro-targeting

Designing Highly Functional Marketing Campaigns through Micro-targeting

In successful ABM campaigns, it is highly advisable to have deeper and superior information about the potential client. This information puts the marketer in a strong position to actually push marketing efforts with a greater effect. Micro-messaging helps leverage customer insights to make general messaging in campaigns more relevant to certain receivers. Once the target is established, you are better poised for a breakthrough conversation with a perfect blend of timing and relevant content.

Flaws in Traditional Approaches to Messaging and Targeting
Traditional B2B targeting strategies have relied heavily on the seniority and size of audience bases. It is a common assumption that if an organization is big, it must have some requirement. It is also further assumed that the CXO will ‘understand’ the value proposition. However, many a times, such assumptions lead to the failing of the strategies. It is because, everyone (along with you) is trying to target same group of people. And everyone is using the same methodologies, ideologies, and terminologies to target the CXO level – which leads to its failure.

To be an effective and standout entity, you need to think long and hard about whom you are dealing with and what can you do to cause a significant stir in their business regimes. It all begins with targeting the right set of people and then convincing them in an effective manner.

Functionalizing Micro-messaging
Micro-targeting the leads is the start of micro-messaging. While you will need to rope in senior leads at some point of the campaign, initially you need to identify people in the organization who have problems that you can solve and connect with. By interacting with these prospects and studying your past deals, you will have a clear picture of things that were crucial for the initial stages of previous success. While the final call of purchase is usually made from top-down, the reality is that the process of discovery generally occurs deeper in the pecking order. Your analysis of previous wins will tell you more about the customer group you will need to target and interact with.

With a target audience established, the next stage is to leverage techno-graphics to further dissect the target group into distinct sets depending on the details of their current situation and how your solution improves it. Here you are devising a hypothesis about difference in functionality/feature requirements and key purchase drivers. You are already aware of these differences as you have developed the solution to address these issues. However, the key point here is how you imagine your solution will be used by the prospects to solve their problems. You can do two things to make the best possible start for your campaigns:

1. Firstly, test your theories with some existing customers. You can develop new messaging templates and content in association with your sales teams. And by working alongside them, you can test the new strategies with customers who are trustworthy and honest.

2. Next up, you need to compare the hypotheses with some relevant data that will give you better information about the active prospects in the market. Solid purchase intent insight is derived from analyzing the consumption patterns of the IT buyers doing research before making any purchase. By analyzing the topics and relevant content that echoes with your present target audience, you are in a better position to make adjustments in messaging and content to take maximum advantage.


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