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Benefits of Using Cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

Benefits of Using Cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software
Cloud-based solutions have considerably influenced supply chain management than was expected. Businesses are slowly understanding that supply chain management doesn’t merely comprises of inventory management, flow of products, and transportation management. SCM now touches every aspect of business operations and its values including talent, data, and even finance.

The ability to blend data and analytics in the workflow of SCM has considerably helped businesses to gain invaluable and actionable insights and simplify their flow of data across the entire company and partners. Simplifying the data flow allows the complete SCM process to be digital and encompasses each part of the company. This in turn, allows smooth collaboration and coordination between different supply chains, developing a healthy ecosystem with efficient workflow.

Key Benefits of Cloud-based SCM Software:


1. Highly Affordable

Not so long ago, small companies had to depend on very basic software such as MS Project or MS Excel for the supply chain management, while advanced software was meant for the big players only. However, with the advent of cloud-based supply chain management software, even smaller and mid-sized companies can now access the most advanced logistics and planning tools. This signals a significant impact on the overall efficiency, and even permits them to compete with market leaders.

2. No Maintenance Cost

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based software is that you need not worry about the maintenance of software or about IT infrastructure. Latest advancements in technology and stable internet connections allow SCM software to be location-independent. Moreover, since the maintenance and updates are taken care of by the software provider, businesses can significantly cut down expenses on IT infrastructure.

3. High Agility and Flexibility

The connectivity feature of cloud-based technology allows outstanding agility to integrate new parts in the existing system. With cloud-based software, it is very easy to integrate new elements in the supply chain. The top SCM software have highly sophisticated UX design that permit effortless integration of new processes, as well as the ability to develop customized solutions for different market segments.

4. All-round Connectivity

Ease of connectivity and support to real-time data are huge advantages that puts cloud SCM software miles ahead of on-site solutions. Updates in real-time offer companies unparalleled visibility in their supply chain and makes it easy to do on-spot adjustments

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