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6 Best Demand Generation Tactics to Follow

6 Best Demand Generation Tactics to Follow

Demand generation is much more than a mere generation of large volumes of leads and handing them over to the sales team. Rather, it is about expanding the marketing pipeline with competent prospects, making more people use your product, and scaling up the revenue. Demand generation is a multi-step process that demonstrates to prospects an issue they face, introduces your brand as a possible solution provider, and delineates the value of picking you over other brands.

There are different ways for strong demand generation. Let us look at 6 best practices B2B marketers should use to build effective paid search, content marketing, and lead nurturing campaigns.

1. Connect CRM with your Marketing Data
Most of the lead generation tactics focus on lead metrics. While these metrics such as cost per lead and clicks per lead are useful for building lead gen content, it sometimes offers a very narrow perspective in terms of optimizing the complete demand generation campaigns.
When you are optimizing the campaign in terms of revenue, with the help of pipeline marketing, B2B marketers can better gauge which content is really attributing to the original goal.
For instance, take a look at your CPL across different online advertising platforms. Instead of making decisions depending solely on CPL, look closely at how the leads are converted into actual sales. So invest more in a channel which contributed more to the total revenue. Connecting your marketing data with CRM, and optimizing it based on the revenue and opportunity is a great practice CMOs should adopt to enhance the overall functionality of demand generation.

2. A Strong Lead Nurturing Strategy
A weak lead nurturing strategy can lead to wastage of lot of useful leads. For a successful demand generation, it is critical to have a strong lead nurturing program which can handle leads that are not yet ready for purchase but have the potential to become sales qualified.
Strategies for strong lead nurturing involves regulating leads into categories for more specific email marketing campaigns. It also involves setting up SDR (sales development representatives) to contact leads immediately after they are created. Segmenting leads based upon their qualifications such as company size, email click interaction, web behavior, job roles, and product line fit among others is important as it signals you the kind of messaging or email content will be relevant for the specific leads.

3. Test Ads
Demand generation also calls for a fair share of experimentation. Use paid ads for multiple social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and assess which one suits you the best and which generates most number of leads. The key here is to create an optimal buyer persona which uses both messaging and content and which resonates with potential buyers.

4. Create ad for bottom of the funnel
Potential buyers at the bottom of the funnel are aware of the problems they are facing. They are looking for solutions and while also trying to validate your brand. Targeting such groups will not result in high CTRs or impression shares. Usually, these buyers are looking to compare your solutions with a competitor. Designing ads for such results are likely to create more leads and thus should be part of the overall paid ads campaign strategy.

5. Work with your Clients
Your customers are the prospective partners for demand generation. Working together on content such as case studies, testimonials, and interviews will help promote and share content easily. Additionally, the overall quality of the content can also be improved while working with customers.

6. Recycle and Reuse Your Content
The recycle and reuse mantra is not just for saving the environment, it’s also very useful to build highly effective demand generation campaigns. In cases where you are struggling for fresh ideas, look back and consider how you can use your previous content and create a new angle with it.

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