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4 Tips to Improve your Marketing ROI in 2018

4 Tips to Improve your Marketing ROI in 2018

This is the question asked every passing year and yet there doesn’t seem to be a perfect answer. To many, this points towards making additional changes to current outbound campaigns or scaling up efforts of the inbound campaigns to drive lead volumes.

Here are 4 tips that will go beyond the regular incremental efforts and will significantly help increase Marketing ROI and thus the revenue potential:

1. Give maximum access to active demand

One thing that differentiates marketing and sales team is the capacity to spot active demand in the overall market. Conventionally, there has been too much reliance on past successes and first hand insights derived from marketing automation platforms or CRM, and outbound marketing efforts and the websites to access demand.

Giving maximum access to active demand begins with leveraging right sources of data that show this demand, which is not visible on your systems. When you have the right sources of data, you can position yourself well for making a significant leap in your marketing ROI.

2. Align your marketing and sales teams

Much has been spoken about the gaps between the marketing and sales teams. There can be numerous reasons for such rifts; however, the most decisive is the fact that marketing and sales teams speak different languages.
The best possible way to align these teams is to offer them a better path to prioritize and target accounts based upon account demand intensity. Buying intent data relevant to your niche will also help you target accounts, align with sales, and effectively identify and engage target buying teams.

3. Look beyond individuals, engage buying teams

For better sales productivity, it is vital to cover 3 key pillars – the contacts, the account, and the behavioural pattern for active demand. Previously, there could have been an inclination towards a ‘spray and pray’ type of approach which relied on gathering huge volumes of contact data with an aim to fill out buying team information. However, now there is no need to waste time and effort looking for such large volumes of contact information. It’s rather advisable to team up with purchase intent insight providers to have all the necessary information about accounts and contacts that are relevant to a business.
You need to back up your sales reps to truly target active buying teams which will certainly help scale the ROI you are aiming for.

4. Drive more constructive conversations by leveraging intent insights

The fundamental goal of sales and marketing team is to have better dialogues, and dialogues that can lead to better opportunities and revenues. Hence, it is crucial to have right contacts in place at the right time to establish and engage a strong line of communication that will lead to revenue generation. With strong intent insights on subjects and content reviewed by specific contacts, you will be in a better position to sell conversations with right knowledge and context.

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Anuprit Orse

Anuprit brings a vast experience across functions viz. business management, key account management, and sales operations & has a keen eye for identifying, nurturing and developing new opportunities and has proven record of connecting businesses. Being a focused entrepreneur, Anuprit also offers his edge as an influencer and seed funder to budding enterprises. Over the last 15 years’, he has helped set up several ventures – Prolific Sales Pvt. Ltd., SG Cubes Pvt. Ltd., Business Morphosis, and Creazione IT Solutions. All these have gone on to deliver ample success in the subsequent years. Anuprit has also worked as an independent consultant to a number of companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 assisting them close deals with companies like HP, Xerox, AWS, Microsoft, Air Canada, Northrop Grumman, Cisco, SAP, Adobe & Honeywell Automation. Here, he assisted them in devising precise strategies to identify customer segments for their respective products and services. He also has a strong knack of devising successful marketing campaigns resulting into a distinct growth of businesses.

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